Desirable: Bukki Shirts

Desire. A sense of longing for a person or object. "When a person desires something, their sense of longing is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of the item or person". I think this could become a regular feature on this blog. Documentations of desirable items of the moment. I often see things which result in the flooding of one hundred and one visualisations of how I would, could wear an item. They also provoke all sorts of thought processes in this relatively large head of mine. I shall be sharing these with you all and you can hopefully catch a glimpse of what inspires me. Or not. There's always the possibility that you might find them hideous. I guess some things are a bit like marmite.

Anywhos! Today's desirables are these Bukki shirts. These beauties. They look like the type of shirts you would see on an episode of The Fresh Prince with an African twist. I love eccentric printed shirts and even t-shirts like these in all shapes and sizes. They make such a statement and I don't think I've seen shirts like these around. This is why I've been lusting over them, they are so lively. Yes lively.

I would wear shirts like these either oversized and on their own with a pair of trainers or low docs (like these), tucked into high waisted denim (taking it back to the nineties) or with a matching print if I had a sudden burst of confidence.
What do you guys think of them?

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