Hip Hop as an Art Form/Recent Purchase

"Only make moves when ya heart's in it, and live the phrase Sky's the limit"
Biggie Smalls, one of my favourite artists from the 90's and also one of my favourite rappers of all time. He had this vibe about him, I don't want to call it 'swag' but it's definitely a very cool vibe of which I find so intriguing. 

The thing about Hip-Hop is people tend to look at it from the surface and see it as "tales about the struggle, get money and get b#tches" and they don't see the art form. A lot of Hip-Hop music is a form of story telling. It portrays the lifestyle of a generation and the reality of the circumstances they had to endure. The rappers are not necessarily encouraging the behavior they rap about but the truth of the matter is for some at that time, crime was the only way out. The struggle they speak of is in fact real. If you look past the unruly principals and 'foul language' and look into the word play, the symbolism and the way it makes you feel when the beat drops. Then that's when you discover Hip-Hop.

I personally think Hip-Hop music could be and should be included in the set texts for English Literature studies. The skill and the depth that you'll find in the lyrics are no different to that of Shakespeare himself. It's obviously a whole different genre but the components are all the same. I also think it would broaden the minds of many, including the teachers themselves. 

I know guys I waffle a lot. I basically am a fan of Biggie's music and Hip-Hop in general, which is why I bought this top when I saw it in Primark. That's it in a nutshell. 

As a disclaimer I'm not saying ALL Hip-Hop music has a deeper meaning some of it literally is just "get money, get b#tches" especially nowadays, but the original Hip-Hop was/is a means of story telling.


  1. I feel you! Especially 2pac's rap. It was so deep!! Too bad, rappers now be all up about bitches and money *side eye 2chains*


    1. You know1! I'd be lying if I said I don't love a bit of 2 Chainz lol
      I'll check your blog out now!