Oceans - Jay Z x Frank Ocean

I was so glad to hear some new music from my main squeeze Mr Lonny Breaux aka Frank Ocean. This new music is in the form of Oceans, featured on Jigga's new album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

One thing I have always adored about Frank Ocean is not only his soft raspy voice and runs/riffs that come like a cool breeze on a humid summer's day, but his lyricism. Frank Ocean is a perceptive story teller, who's music is like a mine of metaphorical titles that link to continuous allegories. I have gotten into the habit of studying and researching his lyrics. Each time I discover a new link, a new theme, a new story. I could go on for ages about how much I love not only Frank's music, but his mind. Is that weird?

Now, Oceans has a reminiscent sound that's parallel to Frank's use of the ocean as a metaphor for his heritage. The lyrics successfully depict the journey of African Americans to get to where they are now (across the oceans, during slavery) and present a comparison between today's African Americans and their ancestors. The change from "a sailing lady docked on the Ivory Coast" to "Mercedes in a row", from enslavement to success.

The captivating chorus aligns with Jay-Z's thought provoking opinions on the likes of Christopher Columbus, who supposedly discovered America (whilst on a voyage across the ocean). The reason why I felt the need to write about this song is because of the message Jay-Z has put forward. The idea of the song really caught my attention and got me thinking. I personally think that young people in general (including myself) don't know a lot or enough about their history and that you can't trust everything you read from a history textbook. They tend to be one-sided and again that's just my own opinion.

In case you're wondering why I'm publishing posts like these. My blog, as I said in The Introduction, is a documentation of myself and my inspirations, although it is mainly a style blog. In any case style isn't just putting an outfit together well, it's putting together an outfit with a mindset that comes from things in your life that inspire you. Allowing your dressing to reflect who you are is what makes you 'stylish'. So music, television, culture and experiences are all a part of style, which is why I write posts like these.

Buuuuuut, I should have another fashion related post up tomorrow, so keep a look out for that and thank you  for reading all that and visiting my blog.

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