Love Waves.

Love Waves is the title of London based singer, Jordan James' most recent release. His music is as smooth as his title and caresses the ears as how an alliteration would caress the tongue.

The EP embodies a sound not channeled by many in the UK. A rhythmic alternative R&B sound, inspired by Prince, Frank Ocean and Pharell to name a few.

Having been a producer for several years Mr Jordan James aimed to create a sound that is both unique to himself and diverse. I feel as though he has achieved this and established himself with quite a distinct sound.

Love Waves was influenced by a lot of R&B, including fragments of Justin Timberlake's 'Justified' album. He says "I liked the way his vocals were sung over gritty instrumentals. I wanted to bring that element into my music". It just goes to show. This EP seems to be the perfect balance between earthy and smooth. That beautiful homicide I spoke about before. It's like a soft friction between the sound waves and your ears.

My favourite track on this EP has to be 'Cruisin'. Whenever I listen to it my shoulders are inclined to sway in synchrony with the consistent bopping of my head and the feel good beat. My mind creates a visualization of several suave men in monochrome long lined suits topped off with bow tie's, two stepping to the attractive beat. Literally cruising through the dance floor.

The overall concept for Love Waves is based on the singer's history with women. From 'Cruisin' to 'Regina's Interlude' we are told a story. The initial breezy, easy going stage of love (Cruisin') to the complications that can come with unrequited love/uncertainty (Loving In Sin/Fill Me In) and lastly the journey that mutual feelings can take you on (Regina's Interlude).

You can follow Jordan James on Twitter @ImJordanJames to keep up to date with his music etc.
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October '13 Wishlist

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons in terms of fashion and the festive connotations of the seasons. The cool weather allows me to experiment more with layering and textures, of which I wouldn't necessarily be able to do in Summer.
I've put together a wishlist of a few items that I've been eyeing this month.
Lastly, can you believe that there are only two months left until 2013 is officially over?!

I've wanted a plain, slightly oversized Bomber Jacket for quite a while now and I came across some on my local market for £25. I think that's a pretty good price. There are also so many of them on E-Bay, ranging from £15-£30. However, I'm unsure of their quality and so I've decided to steer away from them. I really like the way the look on and I would style them with high-waisted jeans, cropped jumpers, plaid shirts, distressed denim and chunky boots.

Turtle Necks are great for keeping warm without compromising style. They also have a reminiscent feel that leans towards the 90's era (again with the 90's). I would pair these with denim of any sort (high-waisted, washed out, distressed, mom jeans or a denim midi skirt), chunky boots, doc martens, boyfriend coats. The list is endless, they are such a versatile and timeless piece.

Black skinny jeans are a wardrobe essential for me, not only during the winter months but all year round. Having said this, I've never found the perfect pair. I'm quite tall (5'8) and so Jeans/trousers are usually too short for me and/or they don't fit properly around my derrière. This one of the most annoying problems I have with shopping for jeans. To solve my dilemma, I've decided to make an investment and try out these Topshop Leigh Jeans. 
Secondly, My wardrobe yearns for a pair of mom jeans and if you read my blog you'll probably be able to guess why.

Boots are a Winter staple. As the temperatures drop, they will become an essential. H&M have a great selection of boots this year and these are two of my favourites. This velvet pair, purely for the fact that they are velvet and the second pair, of which are a dupe of the Vagabond Dioon Boots.


Sunday Morning (Cover) - Shama Joseph

Music has become a serious love of mine. I remember when I was younger, I knew almost every Top 40 chart song before most people did and I thought that was it. I thought I knew there was to know about music. (Psshhhhh).
Looking back, I knew nothing. All I knew of was what was popular and what my peers deemed as good music. I didn't understand the art, the passion or the concept of diversity. I thought most of the music my parents listened to was old and had nothing over the mainstream acts of my time.

Although this is true, I was Joe, R.Kelly, TLC, Ashanti & Ja Rule and a few other's biggest fan in my younger days. I still am.
Me and my Dad often used to have debates on how music was better in his time. He would tell me about how most of the music I hear now, stems from music he grew up listening to. That it was nothing new. Me being my stubborn self, I couldn't receive it.

Nowadays I find my self sifting through old mixtapes and albums by artists I always heard my elders talk about. The music I used to groan at every time my Dad would switch off the radio to play his CD's. The likes of Barrington Levi and Oliver Mtukudzi (if you know, you know). 

My music taste has matured and it inspires me, broadens my mind and more than anything else, I enjoy listening. This is due to the wide range of genres I am now able to appreciate.

A friend of mine, Shama, recently uploaded some of her music on to Sound Cloud and she inspired me to write this post. Why? Because it is a perfect example of what music is. Art. 

Intricately simple, imperfectly perfect and impersonally personal.

I am literally in love with her cover of 'Sunday Morning'. Her tone is pure and delicate, yet passionate.
 In terms of listening experience, this cover left more of an imprint on me than the original by Maroon 5. I say this because, I felt it a lot more, the lyrics sunk in and embedded themselves within me.

Have a listen and let me know or even, let her know (@Shamshake) what you thought, based on a love for music. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.