An ode to Hip Hop.

An ode to Hip Hop.

 It was sometime around the beginning of this year that I realised I had fallen in love with a genre, the art form that we call Hip Hop. 
It started off as mere infatuation, a childhood crush, but this year I really caught da feelings

During my infatuation period, I remember Kendrick Lamar took me on a sonic journey to Compton, Biggie brought out my inner thug and his feud with Tupac? That was my first step into the History of what was to become my future. 

  It's funny, I'd only just scratched the surface, I had a hell of a lot more to learn. Having read and understood all there was to know about the East Coast vs West Coast feud, the essence of the culture and where it really began.

I discovered that contrary to popular belief, Hip Hop did not begin with Biggie, Pac, Wu-Tang or any of the other names generically associated with the genre. It was conceived before the 90's, the 1970's to to be precise, and rap/emceeing didn't even exist at that time.


This shall be continued in my next post, of which will be the first of a series I am starting on this here blog.
An introduction to this series was the purpose of this post. I am going to take all of you onto a journey of discovery with me.

It's free, expenses will be covered and life insurance won't be needed so you have no reason to say no.

The discovery we're making is - The history of Hip Hop.
I hope to educate you as I educate myself.
I hope to share a passion of mine with you.
I hope you grasp what it is that inspires me;
what it is that made me fall in love.
I hope you see the beauty in the crud.
The sensuality in the rhymes.
The arousal in the flows.
The climax in the beat drop.
The stimulation in the lyricism.
The vulnerability of the story.
 More than anything, I hope you enjoy it.

Peww pewwww.

Side note: If you enjoyed Erykah Badu's - Love Of My Life; her ode to Hip Hop.
I seriously recommend you listen to Canadian Producer - KAYTRANADA's rendition.
Vibe with it.
When I say he is one of the masters of feel-good beats...
Anyway, that's for another post.


AD: CR010214 #CodeRed

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Code Red.

                                                                           Part 1.
Filmed & edited by The Authentic Duplicate.


Mixed Reviews.

Mixed Reviews.

Everything in life is subject to critical evaluation and conflicting opinions. Some opinions educated, some subjective. So what would you expect from an EP titled 'Mixed Reviews'?
Controversy? Versatility? Eclecticism?

Indianapolis' 'Melody Reyne' has laid her foundations for the skyscraper that is the music industry, utilizing the broad body of work that is 'Mixed Reviews'. An introduction as to who Melody Reyne is and a platform for her to introspectively establish herself. Listening to this EP took me back to the R&B of the 2000's. Men grazing their baggy jeans in the presence of dramatic rainfall; a bid to get their girl back. Synchronized dance moves paired with strong vocals; performed in Spy Kids-esque music video sets and costumes.

My favourite tracks on this EP are 'Marley Love' and 'You and I'. Melody herself has answered a few questions for you all, I hope from this you can get a better understanding of who she is an individual. Enjoy!

Musical inspirations/influences?
I would say my biggest music influences are Lauryn Hill & Erykah Badu . They inspire me because they both are awesome musicians and writers and put so much real emotion into their music no matter what the subject. 

What was the overall concept behind 'Mixed Reviews'?
The EP didn't really have a concept, the project itself was just a collection of songs I wrote to try to learn more about myself as an artist and see what my sound would be like. I titled the project "mixed reviews" because I knew the project would be somewhat eclectic, so I knew different people would have a different take on how they felt about it. This was just a little something to show what I'm about and to give a sample of what's to come. It was just me owning my sound despite how it would be received.

Plans for the future? 
I plan to keep writing and building up my catalog of songs . I also plan on performing more so I can build a fan base from the ground up. Possibly a tour?

The most played song on your iTunes right now? 
I would have to say.  Jhene Aiko - Stay Ready ft.Kendrick Lamar 

Your favourite artist and why? 
Lauryn Hill would be my all time favorite artist.  She's the best to have ever incorporated the art of spoken word with a soothing voice and great message.  

What are your beliefs on originality?
I feel like originality is always the best way to go.  No one can be a better you than you.  I would rather fail while being original, than to try to succeed in being someone I'm not.  At the end of the day music is self expression for me as a writer, so I always aim to stay as true to myself as possible. 




Dreality. [D-ree-al-i-tee] 
1. A state of sub-conscious existence in a warped reality.

2. The state of surreal existence.

Here lies an oxymoron, a paradox.
A collision of ideas that fuse from the impact of a pre-destined cause of action.

Dreams represent all that is imaginary, visionary, futuristic and most importantly all that doesn't exist.
The existence of a fantasy.

Reality possesses connotations of all that is factual, evident and apparent.
The substance of existence.

Visualize the subjects of your pupils being distorted into all that you could possibly dream of.
A harmonious confusion.

Envision a world where the surreal was the real and the real was the surreal.
The ocean a fantasy and the land a fabrication.

Picture the kind of trance that would put you in.
Unconscious consciousness.

Imagine not being able to feel what your eyes can clearly see.
The juxtaposition of senses.

Brainstorm ideas on what it would be like if your form was taken to heights far too steep.
The eradication of limitations.

Form a mental image of yourself perceiving what you should not be able to discern.
The understanding of the impossible.

Create a hypothetical speculation of what it would be like if you were to involuntarily utter from the abundance of your heart.
Incoherent tongues.

Become aware of all that lies in your sub-conscious, acknowledge it's existence and allow it to manifest in your life.




Photography/Styling: Charisse Chikwiri
Model: Armani Matthews
Photography/Styling team: Zahaina Kanon and Maryam Campbell

Today I present to you a visionary of mine. My first, fashion photography wise. I have classed it as a visionary for multiple reasons. Not because I have created something unreal, but rather I have created something that is pertaining to a personal vision of mine. 

There is a general belief that Art must have a solid concept behind it or some sort of clear cut depth of meaning, which is great. The concept of an art piece can change the way you view it, it puts the work into context, gives you an insight into the perspective of the artist and allows you see beyond the physical aspects of the art.

However, sometimes it's okay to just create. That way the connotations of the art lie in your subconscious. Think of it as being in a dark room, you are given a map of which you must follow to find the light source. Everyone who enters that room will take the same route towards enlightenment and will have had the same straightforward journey towards discovery as the next person (conceptual art).

Then imagine yourself in a dark room with nothing to guide you, you have to grope your way around in order to find the light source. You feel a change of texture on your fingertips which results in the flipping of a light switch. The light hits you and you begin to see what you have been maneuvering yourself around using every sense other than your sight. The route to enlightenment this time varies from person to person. The predestined format of your mind and soul determines whether you choose to turn left or right. No one will have the exact same discovery experience.

Concepts always find themselves. The personal journey of finding your own concept is more momentous than the journey that we can all be easily taken on.

Last week Thursday, I headed down to Oxford with a few friends, for a shoot that I had planned. Linking back to the idea of a visionary, I didn't really have a specific concept for this shoot. It was more of a vision. Without emulating Mystic Meg, it was an idea that I had pictured in mind and I made it physical. I made it happen, which is something I used to only imagine my self doing, now I'm actually doing it. 

There are various words that flew around my mind when I psychologically planned this shoot, words and phrases but no solid descriptions. I'll share some of these with you so you can get a feel of what I was aiming for.

The Triads/Shi Shen (Rush hour 3 lol)

I have many more of these to come, some of them more indepthly conceptual and I can't wait to physically create them and to share them with you!

Thank you for reading my blog and I also want to say thank you to my amigas Zahaina and Maryam for helping me out and to Armani for being an amazing model.

The Crew.
(From left to right) @cbaimepbbeerll, @BriaArmani and @zhatshepsut.


(I ruined it didn't I?)


Love Waves.

Love Waves is the title of London based singer, Jordan James' most recent release. His music is as smooth as his title and caresses the ears as how an alliteration would caress the tongue.

The EP embodies a sound not channeled by many in the UK. A rhythmic alternative R&B sound, inspired by Prince, Frank Ocean and Pharell to name a few.

Having been a producer for several years Mr Jordan James aimed to create a sound that is both unique to himself and diverse. I feel as though he has achieved this and established himself with quite a distinct sound.

Love Waves was influenced by a lot of R&B, including fragments of Justin Timberlake's 'Justified' album. He says "I liked the way his vocals were sung over gritty instrumentals. I wanted to bring that element into my music". It just goes to show. This EP seems to be the perfect balance between earthy and smooth. That beautiful homicide I spoke about before. It's like a soft friction between the sound waves and your ears.

My favourite track on this EP has to be 'Cruisin'. Whenever I listen to it my shoulders are inclined to sway in synchrony with the consistent bopping of my head and the feel good beat. My mind creates a visualization of several suave men in monochrome long lined suits topped off with bow tie's, two stepping to the attractive beat. Literally cruising through the dance floor.

The overall concept for Love Waves is based on the singer's history with women. From 'Cruisin' to 'Regina's Interlude' we are told a story. The initial breezy, easy going stage of love (Cruisin') to the complications that can come with unrequited love/uncertainty (Loving In Sin/Fill Me In) and lastly the journey that mutual feelings can take you on (Regina's Interlude).

You can follow Jordan James on Twitter @ImJordanJames to keep up to date with his music etc.
Tweet me your thoughts! @CharisseeC


October '13 Wishlist

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons in terms of fashion and the festive connotations of the seasons. The cool weather allows me to experiment more with layering and textures, of which I wouldn't necessarily be able to do in Summer.
I've put together a wishlist of a few items that I've been eyeing this month.
Lastly, can you believe that there are only two months left until 2013 is officially over?!

I've wanted a plain, slightly oversized Bomber Jacket for quite a while now and I came across some on my local market for £25. I think that's a pretty good price. There are also so many of them on E-Bay, ranging from £15-£30. However, I'm unsure of their quality and so I've decided to steer away from them. I really like the way the look on and I would style them with high-waisted jeans, cropped jumpers, plaid shirts, distressed denim and chunky boots.

Turtle Necks are great for keeping warm without compromising style. They also have a reminiscent feel that leans towards the 90's era (again with the 90's). I would pair these with denim of any sort (high-waisted, washed out, distressed, mom jeans or a denim midi skirt), chunky boots, doc martens, boyfriend coats. The list is endless, they are such a versatile and timeless piece.

Black skinny jeans are a wardrobe essential for me, not only during the winter months but all year round. Having said this, I've never found the perfect pair. I'm quite tall (5'8) and so Jeans/trousers are usually too short for me and/or they don't fit properly around my derrière. This one of the most annoying problems I have with shopping for jeans. To solve my dilemma, I've decided to make an investment and try out these Topshop Leigh Jeans. 
Secondly, My wardrobe yearns for a pair of mom jeans and if you read my blog you'll probably be able to guess why.

Boots are a Winter staple. As the temperatures drop, they will become an essential. H&M have a great selection of boots this year and these are two of my favourites. This velvet pair, purely for the fact that they are velvet and the second pair, of which are a dupe of the Vagabond Dioon Boots.