An ode to Hip Hop.

An ode to Hip Hop.

 It was sometime around the beginning of this year that I realised I had fallen in love with a genre, the art form that we call Hip Hop. 
It started off as mere infatuation, a childhood crush, but this year I really caught da feelings

During my infatuation period, I remember Kendrick Lamar took me on a sonic journey to Compton, Biggie brought out my inner thug and his feud with Tupac? That was my first step into the History of what was to become my future. 

  It's funny, I'd only just scratched the surface, I had a hell of a lot more to learn. Having read and understood all there was to know about the East Coast vs West Coast feud, the essence of the culture and where it really began.

I discovered that contrary to popular belief, Hip Hop did not begin with Biggie, Pac, Wu-Tang or any of the other names generically associated with the genre. It was conceived before the 90's, the 1970's to to be precise, and rap/emceeing didn't even exist at that time.


This shall be continued in my next post, of which will be the first of a series I am starting on this here blog.
An introduction to this series was the purpose of this post. I am going to take all of you onto a journey of discovery with me.

It's free, expenses will be covered and life insurance won't be needed so you have no reason to say no.

The discovery we're making is - The history of Hip Hop.
I hope to educate you as I educate myself.
I hope to share a passion of mine with you.
I hope you grasp what it is that inspires me;
what it is that made me fall in love.
I hope you see the beauty in the crud.
The sensuality in the rhymes.
The arousal in the flows.
The climax in the beat drop.
The stimulation in the lyricism.
The vulnerability of the story.
 More than anything, I hope you enjoy it.

Peww pewwww.

Side note: If you enjoyed Erykah Badu's - Love Of My Life; her ode to Hip Hop.
I seriously recommend you listen to Canadian Producer - KAYTRANADA's rendition.
Vibe with it.
When I say he is one of the masters of feel-good beats...
Anyway, that's for another post.

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