Dreality. [D-ree-al-i-tee] 
1. A state of sub-conscious existence in a warped reality.

2. The state of surreal existence.

Here lies an oxymoron, a paradox.
A collision of ideas that fuse from the impact of a pre-destined cause of action.

Dreams represent all that is imaginary, visionary, futuristic and most importantly all that doesn't exist.
The existence of a fantasy.

Reality possesses connotations of all that is factual, evident and apparent.
The substance of existence.

Visualize the subjects of your pupils being distorted into all that you could possibly dream of.
A harmonious confusion.

Envision a world where the surreal was the real and the real was the surreal.
The ocean a fantasy and the land a fabrication.

Picture the kind of trance that would put you in.
Unconscious consciousness.

Imagine not being able to feel what your eyes can clearly see.
The juxtaposition of senses.

Brainstorm ideas on what it would be like if your form was taken to heights far too steep.
The eradication of limitations.

Form a mental image of yourself perceiving what you should not be able to discern.
The understanding of the impossible.

Create a hypothetical speculation of what it would be like if you were to involuntarily utter from the abundance of your heart.
Incoherent tongues.

Become aware of all that lies in your sub-conscious, acknowledge it's existence and allow it to manifest in your life.