Photography/Styling: Charisse Chikwiri
Model: Armani Matthews
Photography/Styling team: Zahaina Kanon and Maryam Campbell

Today I present to you a visionary of mine. My first, fashion photography wise. I have classed it as a visionary for multiple reasons. Not because I have created something unreal, but rather I have created something that is pertaining to a personal vision of mine. 

There is a general belief that Art must have a solid concept behind it or some sort of clear cut depth of meaning, which is great. The concept of an art piece can change the way you view it, it puts the work into context, gives you an insight into the perspective of the artist and allows you see beyond the physical aspects of the art.

However, sometimes it's okay to just create. That way the connotations of the art lie in your subconscious. Think of it as being in a dark room, you are given a map of which you must follow to find the light source. Everyone who enters that room will take the same route towards enlightenment and will have had the same straightforward journey towards discovery as the next person (conceptual art).

Then imagine yourself in a dark room with nothing to guide you, you have to grope your way around in order to find the light source. You feel a change of texture on your fingertips which results in the flipping of a light switch. The light hits you and you begin to see what you have been maneuvering yourself around using every sense other than your sight. The route to enlightenment this time varies from person to person. The predestined format of your mind and soul determines whether you choose to turn left or right. No one will have the exact same discovery experience.

Concepts always find themselves. The personal journey of finding your own concept is more momentous than the journey that we can all be easily taken on.

Last week Thursday, I headed down to Oxford with a few friends, for a shoot that I had planned. Linking back to the idea of a visionary, I didn't really have a specific concept for this shoot. It was more of a vision. Without emulating Mystic Meg, it was an idea that I had pictured in mind and I made it physical. I made it happen, which is something I used to only imagine my self doing, now I'm actually doing it. 

There are various words that flew around my mind when I psychologically planned this shoot, words and phrases but no solid descriptions. I'll share some of these with you so you can get a feel of what I was aiming for.

The Triads/Shi Shen (Rush hour 3 lol)

I have many more of these to come, some of them more indepthly conceptual and I can't wait to physically create them and to share them with you!

Thank you for reading my blog and I also want to say thank you to my amigas Zahaina and Maryam for helping me out and to Armani for being an amazing model.

The Crew.
(From left to right) @cbaimepbbeerll, @BriaArmani and @zhatshepsut.


(I ruined it didn't I?)


  1. Ngl, I love this man :') -Tasha from RGS :3

  2. Rahhhh didn't know Armani flexed like that tho ! (lol you should know who it is). Pictures are on point btw but I ent had time to actually read it (ain't no body got time fo dattttt)

  3. TRUST I bet that comment Is fanta looool (its Ekaete btw)

  4. These are beyond amazing! The clique be looking too fly :)

    imemmymah | f+l

  5. Your blog posts are winning, keep em coming!

  6. These are brilliant! I really love your posts! You should post these on tumblr - you'd get loads of notes and it'd be easier to know when you've put up a new post if we could follow you on there :3

    1. Thank you so so much!! I'll definitely do so this week, thanks again!

  7. This is amazing

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