Love Waves.

Love Waves is the title of London based singer, Jordan James' most recent release. His music is as smooth as his title and caresses the ears as how an alliteration would caress the tongue.

The EP embodies a sound not channeled by many in the UK. A rhythmic alternative R&B sound, inspired by Prince, Frank Ocean and Pharell to name a few.

Having been a producer for several years Mr Jordan James aimed to create a sound that is both unique to himself and diverse. I feel as though he has achieved this and established himself with quite a distinct sound.

Love Waves was influenced by a lot of R&B, including fragments of Justin Timberlake's 'Justified' album. He says "I liked the way his vocals were sung over gritty instrumentals. I wanted to bring that element into my music". It just goes to show. This EP seems to be the perfect balance between earthy and smooth. That beautiful homicide I spoke about before. It's like a soft friction between the sound waves and your ears.

My favourite track on this EP has to be 'Cruisin'. Whenever I listen to it my shoulders are inclined to sway in synchrony with the consistent bopping of my head and the feel good beat. My mind creates a visualization of several suave men in monochrome long lined suits topped off with bow tie's, two stepping to the attractive beat. Literally cruising through the dance floor.

The overall concept for Love Waves is based on the singer's history with women. From 'Cruisin' to 'Regina's Interlude' we are told a story. The initial breezy, easy going stage of love (Cruisin') to the complications that can come with unrequited love/uncertainty (Loving In Sin/Fill Me In) and lastly the journey that mutual feelings can take you on (Regina's Interlude).

You can follow Jordan James on Twitter @ImJordanJames to keep up to date with his music etc.
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  1. This stuff sounds so good, perfect for chilling, feel free to check out our new post ;-) x

  2. I am def gonna check it out, thanks for sharing x

  3. defo takes the stress away.love it

  4. defo takes the stress away.love it