Why Not Primark?

Today's post is based on a few bits and pieces I've picked up in Primark recently. I also want to talk about (it's becoming evident that I like to talk) the stigma attached to shopping in Primark. How ever I will start off with my recent purchases as not to bore you.

Oversized Varsity T-Shirt - £3 // Blue Skater Dress - £5 //

Necklace - £3 // Spike earrings - £1 // Dollar Sign Ring - £1.50 //
Now for today's topic of discussion. There seems to be this idea that being stylish and/or 'fashionable' is determined by where you shop. It's like you have to shop in Topshop, River Island, Zara and all the other renowned high street brands in order to be considered 'fashionable'. I have a dislike for that word.

I personally will shop any where from Tesco to Topshop to a Market Stall. Why? Because I don't believe that where you shop, owning a popular clothing item and/or how much money you spend determines how well you can dress. Secondly, your style should not be determined by or limited to a selection of well marketed brands.

Style (to me anyway) is about taking something from anywhere and being able to make it look good for YOU. Without going off topic, there seems to be this stigma attached to shopping in Primark. So many people (including myself at one point) have adopted this idea that if you shop in Primark it makes you "less fashionable" than say if you shopped in Topshop for example. I went through a phase where I wouldn't buy anything from Primark except maybe socks and bobby pins, I soon got over that and rekindled my love for the store. Although, they are getting a bit brave with some of their prices.

Style is personal, style is art, style is making do with what you've got. Style is not a brand, it's not a label or a price tag.

 One question. When you look at a person's outfit, shouldn't you judge by how well they have styled themselves (even though it's personal) instead of where they shopped for their clothes or who else wore it?

In a nutshell, you don't have to empty your purse to be 'fashionable' however we all have splurges, the main thing is that you are purchasing items because YOU like them and not to fit in with the multitudes.
Did that make any sense?


  1. Primark is definitely amazing nowadays.
    Judge people on the execution of thier 'fit rather what the labels are.


  2. I've gotten into the habit of cutting off the labels on my clothes as I am sick of being judged. Money is a downer on spirits often.

    N I C O L A
    @ohsokitsch #osk

    1. It's shame because almost everything in this world revolves around money, but don't worry about being judged it's inevitable and unfortunately a part of life. Don't let it affect you though, just continue to be yourself because that's best you can be! xx