Over here - Party Next Door x Drake

I've had this song on repeat for a couple of hours now, I'm just in love with Party Next Door's hazy voice. I'm currently a huge fan of alternative R&B, the sounds of Frank Ocean (my babes) , Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd, Miguel and James Fauntleroy have made a reoccurring appearance in my recently played playlist. If you haven't heard of Party Next Door before then definitely check out his debut self-titled mixtape. Party Next Door. 

I've noticed a lot of people saying that music nowadays isn't as good as it was in the 90's for example. This is partially true, 90's R&B and Hip Hop will always have a place in my heart. However I think it also depends on where you're looking. If you listen to the charts all the time you generally will be disappointed because most of it is commercial.

Hop onto YouTube and discover someone new, an underground artist? Download a mixtape. Let yourself be inspired by something different, something fresh and alternative. The reason why I favour underground, indie or non-mainstream artists (I'm not a 'hipster' I promise) so much is because they don't have to meet the expectations of an opinionated society. They can stay true to themselves and their art because they don't have a big time record label focusing them on sales.

Sales are great, don't get me wrong but when money becomes the sole purpose for doing something, everything else is lost along the way. That is also why I like mixtapes. They don't have to sell, they just need to be heard and when you focus on the music rather than the number of album sales then the true artist is unvieled.

Back to the artists I mentioned above, they are bringing something new to the table which we wouldn't have necessarily heard back in the 90's. So I'm not completely disheartened. Music has to evolve just like everything else and so we couldn't have stayed in the 90's forever.

Thazzall for today's ramblings guise. Watch out for a post on how I style dungarees/overalls as requested by a friend of mine that should be up on Friday! I'm going to try and get blog posts up every other day so let's see how that goes.

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