Hackney Street Style School

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took part in 3 day styling and image making workshop in East London called the Hackney Street Style School (run by Slashstroke Magazine and Create London) at the beginning of July. We were introduced to the fashion industry as a whole and the history of style.

We had a talk with dynamic menswear designer Martine Rose and Diverse fashion buyer Alex Mein. They gave us an insight into what it's like working in the industry, their inspirations and their struggles (which occur in almost every career).

It was then onto styling. We were given three rails full of intriguing garments and accessories by London based designers such as ZDDZ, Use it up Wear it out, Noel Stewart, Martine Rose, Mirja Rosendahl, Electronic Sheep, Makinjanma and Roberto Piqueras, as well as vintage clothing from Beyond Retro. Our task was to create or select a style tribe of our choice. A style tribe being a group or generation of people who's characters are reflected in what they wear. Once we'd established our style tribe, we composed outfits to suit it, cast models and then shot the outfits.

My partner Sian and I chose a tribe of people who were experimental, weren't afraid to stand out and didn't care what anyone had to say. Having done all the shooting, we took a trip to Middlesex University where we edited our photographs ready for print. We also had an insightful chat with the head of fashion Meg Ausborne, who really helped us understand what you need to succeed as a fashion student and how to build your self up towards it.

Overall it was such a great experience and I left with a greater understanding of the industry and how it works, how shoots are planned and what it's like being the the studio.

I also got the chance to meet some amazing people and some fellow bloggers: Bella @ fashioncultt.blogspot.co.uk, Ally @ allysworldd.blogspot.co.uk @RiannaJacques and @StephiieBlahh. Make sure to visit their blogs and/or follow them on Twitter!
If you want to see more photographs from the event or find out more about the event, you can go to slashstrokemagzine.com.


On the subject of street style. I took a trip to Oxford for my birthday on Thursday (All I want for my birthday is a... let me stop). I had intentions of doing some street style photography but my phone ran out of battery so I only managed to get this one snap of this really cool Italian guy. He was sat on a stool near KFC doing dreadlocks for £2 a lock in these lively trousers. Like I said he was a really cool guy.

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  1. It's great that we were sent all the finished photos as they all look so good, excited to hear more about the possible exhibition !!

    1. They do, I'm soo excited for that! Hopefully see you all again then!