Desirable: PHIDEL White Napa Leather Baseball Jersey

Photo from phidel.co.uk | Photographer: Christina Ebenezer
Guys guys guys. So I've been anticipating the release of this up and coming fashion label Phidel's debut collection for a while now. They did such an an amazing job at building up towards the release of their collection, utilising social media platforms to expose the captivating photography and videography used to showcase their collections. The minute I heard of Phidel I was captivated.

Phidel was started by a young emerging designer from London. The designs are authentic and to me, represent a generation of people trying to step outside of the box society has a tendency of putting us in. So many young people are trying to start up clothing lines and brands, but I feel as though not all of them have the right mindset and it shows. It's safe to say that the standard of work Phidel has presented, is in line with the renowned names in high end fashion, although it still retains an undergound-esque ambience.

The minimalistic all black/all white themes and the experiments with texture are what intrigued me. A different spin on fashion within the 'Hip-Hop Culture'. Which is a culture that I personally love because of the rawness that it embodies.

This white leather jersey has to be my favourite item from the Resort 13 collection and hopefully will be a purchase. 
Let us pray.
I can't get over how clean/crisp it looks and the leather material creates such a statement that sets it apart from the thousands of baseball jerseys out there. This is why I have chosen it as today's desirable. I for one can't wait to see what else Phidel has in store.

What are your thoughts on the motives of up and coming clothing brands and your opinions on Phidel's collection? Comment below (I always respond, so check back) or tweet me @CharisseeC!


  1. I've never heard of them before, but from looking on their website and what you've written I am super excited. I totally agree with what you were saying about hip-hop culture clothing (which I love). so yeah. lol.

    Sam x


    1. Hi! Yeah, there's just something about that culture and their shop opens in about an hour so I'm quite excited for that! Thank you by the way!

  2. love your blog hun!
    could you please check out mine?

  3. A google search of Phildels clothing gets me nothing but info on Philadelphia. Can you tell me the web address? Phildel.com is something wacky.

    1. I think it's because you put an extra l in the name, the web address is phidel.co.uk