Recent Purchase: Dr Martens 1461 Dupes

Hey Guys!
I recently purchased these dupes of the Dr Martens 1461 shoes, after I came across them in Shoe Zone for only £15! They remind me of the kind of school shoes my Dad used to insist on buying for me in Primary School, you know those Clarks/Brantano shoes. I remember I used to HATE them all because I thought they weren't 'cool', because they weren't the shoes everybody else had. I'm so glad I've gotten rid of that mentality because seeking confirmation from others for what you need to be doing is good for no one.

Enough of that, let's focus on the shoes. I actually love them. The geeky grungy aura that they posses. I will be forever styling them this summer, 'docs' & frilly socks and various other clothing items.  

My exams are pretty much finished and I am so glad! Since I have more time on my hands, my blog updates will be a lot more frequent and I will get some OOTD posts up, yes finally! 

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to all of you who have visited and commented on my blog so far. I was quite surprised to see multiple views from people outside of the UK (Hi!). I love hearing from all of you guys and so if you ever have any questions or even just want to say hi, feel free to tweet me @CharisseeC or comment below! Until next time.

One last thing! I feel like you all need to see these beautiful all white Docs. Just to share this moment with me. Am I the only one that finds these absolutely mesmerising?!

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