Joey Bada$$.

4:04 am. Summer (K)nights.

If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen me chirp a lot about Joey Bada$$, and a lot of his music. That's because he is currently my favorite rapper. He has compelling style and a distinctive tone that I struggle to get enough of.

As well as his music, I love Joey's nonchalant style and the way in which he carries himself. The bucket hats, loosely fitted attire, vintage sportswear and the uncombed Afro (with a comb in it). His walk and his persona. He IS effortlessly cool.

On to the music.

Although '1999' is my favorite body of work from him with 'Waves' and 'Snakes' (feat. T'nah). That wasn't where I began taking in the sound waves of the lyrical talent with the dope beats. 

The first I heard of Joey Bad, was his most recent release 'Summer Knights'. My favorite tracks on that being 'Death of YOLO', '95 Til Infinity' and 'Long Live Steelo'.
I enjoyed the versatility presented in 'Summer Knights' and Joey's growth lyrically and as an individual is evident in this mixtape.

If I was to dissect the components of his music and start off with the beats. Reminiscent and instinctively bop in correspondence beats. There isn't one that I cannot revel in and completely vibe to.

Secondly, the lyrics. When it comes to rap, I prefer lyricism. I'd be lying if I said I don't appreciate the songs created for the sole purpose of heightening your excitement & raising your blood pressure each and every time they get 'turnt up'.

However, I prefer lyricism and Joey Bada$$ executes that bracket perfectly. He is a definite spritz of Febreze for the current gold chains and designer things Hip Hop phase. Not to say he's the only one, Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' verse for example, served the same purpose.

"I know nigga's be trash rappin'. Worried 'bout the trending fashions rather than acending passion". - Joey Bada$$ (Waves).

I am intrigued by his world play and his outlook on life. Additionally, I am excited by the way in which his flow compliments each and every beat that he rhymes over.

I know I seem to always speak of the 90's, at times I have to remind myself that "it's not by force". Regardless, I believe Joey Bada$$ has mastered the feel/style of East Coast Hip Hop back in the  1990's, in his music. Hence I classed his beats as reminiscent. For a relatively young individual he seems to have captured the era, as though his idols reserved it in a time capsule ready for his arrival. A well-established arrival, that is.


  1. Aha 'spritz of febreeze' - love it!
    I was never a fan of him but after reading this I had a listen and I can deffo dig it.
    Rap needs some revitalizing, there's just way too much bragging over money we already know they have.

    Real nice post!

    imemmymah | fashion + life

  2. You'll get it in your vocals if you aint a local
    I see where thats from now. Im up to date with the blog and am following it! Your welcome.

  3. Lol "its not by force" Yanoo