Kojey Radical

Image from pushcrayons.com
I want to share something with you guys, or rather someone. A very talented someone. I discovered him on Twitter and was lead to a YouTube account that goes by the name of PUSHCRAYONS. An account that showcases inspiring art, poetry, imagery, spoken word, courtesy of a guy named Kojey Radical.

Before you continue to read this post. Watch this video. Really watch it, in fact listen.
Have you watched it? 

I hope it made you feel the same way I felt. When I listened to the words this guy had to say I was left in awe. They were more than just words, it's like he was speaking life, his life, our lives. As unnecessarily philosophical as that sounds.

I could not only understand what he was saying, I could feel it. I could relate. I was left in a pool of my own thoughts. What a cliche. Lets call it a river, spice things up a little bit.

Thoughts about life, our goals, are they really worth it? Is hard work everything? The challenges of society. Making something of yourself, leaving a mark for eternity. Decisions.

I can't really describe the state of mind this left me in, I don't know if you can tell. Either way this guy is extremely talented and I felt like you all needed to see it.

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